Welcome to Guzzle & Nosh, a blog about the three things we love most: eating, drinking and Los Angeles. The founders and owners of this blog are Elina Shatkin and Rob Takata. We’re not experts. We don’t claim to be. We’re just two people who are willing to try anything twice. (Twitter: @guzzleandnosh)


Elina Shatkin
I currently make my living as a freelance writer and journalist. I was an arts and culture reporter for the Los Angeles Times. I was never officially a food writer, but I did a fair bit of food writing for the Times, both in print and on Daily Dish. Before that, I was the film editor of LAist.com for a year. And for several years, I was an entertainment industry trade magazine reporter. I’ve written about restaurants, nightlife, art, pop culture and local events for a variety of publications, including Squid Ink and Tasting Table LA. (Twitter: @elinashatkin)

Rob Takata
I do not cook, prepare, present or otherwise serve food for a living — anymore.  I never cooked for a living, but I have served in places ranging from steakhouse stalwart Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus to nightclubs like Flaming Colossus and Po Na Na Souk to California cuisine progenitor Restaurant Muse.  Nowadays, I enjoy cooking at home and eating out.  My mom’s mac & cheese recipe is my go-to crowd-pleaser, I make a  decent pico de gallo. And, for some reason, people like to force me into mixing cocktails.  My tastes run the gamut from street food to haute cuisine.  If it’s good, I’m there. (Twitter: @robtak)


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